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Book 6

The Guardian's Heart

(Book 7 of The Star Kin Chronicles Series)



My life has been saved four times. Not many people can say that.


Amaia Grayson knows she owes a big debt, particularly to Alex and Cassie who saved her three of those times. She also wishes she had what they have—a love so certain that the stars would move to ensure it's survival. The only problem? Erelim hearts have only one match. Once bonded, their love is set for eternity.


She is interested in one person—one person she has been warned against pursuing by Alex. Maverick Darkwater. Maverick hates the Graysons, particularly Alex, with a passion. Amaia can't understand that—or anything, really—about Maverick. He's immune to her telepathy, and whenever they meet he acts like she's not there.


"You intrigue me, Amaia Grayson," he whispered. I couldn't breathe. I didn't want to.


So when Maverick approaches her at Alex and Cassie's bonding ceremony, to say Amaia is surprised is an understatement. And when he offers her something she can't refuse, her life changes drastically.


But when Alex and Amaia need to protect Cassie in Romania, the home of the Craevyrn, things get complicated once more. Cassie is searching for information about her family history. But when Celeste, aged 5, goes missing, Amaia knows its time to repay her debts—even if it takes her life to do so.

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