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Book 8

The Star Effect 

(Book 9 of The Star Kin Chronicles Series)



Lady Cassandra Grayson, her husband and guardian, Alex Grayson, and their daughter, Celeste, lead a very quiet, happy life. But Cassie has been seeking out the Star Portals for a decade. Finally, she has the location of one. She just needs to find it. Alex is worried, and for good reason. Cassie has a tendency to walk straight into danger and he struggles to protect her. 


Celeste loves her parents, but she is lonely. She'd give anything to have a brother or sister to share her childhood. But it's impossible, Erelim cannot have children—their bodies are too unchanging to allow it.


The Grayson's happy life is shattered when Cassie discovers the portal, how to activate it, and travels through with Astra and Lady Jennabeth. When Jennabeth returns, distraught and alone, Alex's world breaks down.


Celeste has some work to do, to help her father grieve and move on with his life. She needs him—but can she break through his walls of despair and help him live again?


And what will happen when Cassie and Astra suddenly return—powerless, and without a memory of who their family is? Will Celeste and Alex manage to re-incorporate them into the life they once had? Or is it time for a change? 


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