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Book 7

The Star Kin's Choice

(Book 8 of The Star Kin Chronicles Series)


Kelsey Grayson never wanted to be Erelim, let alone the Grayson family's only Star Kin. She'd tried to hide from Alex, and her beloved sister, Amaia, after Amaia became Erelim.

Her life in hiding had been difficult enough, but after a horrific car accident, Kelsey woke up in Erelim form.


Ever since her Star, Vespera, fell, Kelsey has been in two minds. Her love for her Star is all-consuming, keeping her trapped in this world hidden behind reality. And maybe, for the sake of Vespera, she would be willing to stay this way. But the life of a Star Kin is complicated. Even more so since Cassandra Stone, the first human Star Kin, fell in love with Kelsey's brother, Alex. But Kelsey has another problem. A problem that, in any other circumstances, wouldn't be a problem at all.


She has fallen for Porter, her Primary Guardian. He has always treated her professionally, like the job she clearly is to him.  Her mind tells her that it is insanity, a crush gone crazy. But her heart? Her heart tells her she cannot go on without him.  Worst of all, he has absolutely no idea how she feels.  Is it possible for her to find a way to keep living with him constantly nearby? 


Kelsey needs to make some decisions. Decisions that might change the only life she knows.


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