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The most common complaint we see from independent authors is the struggle with the technical aspects of preparing a book for self-publishing. Unlike large publishing houses, independent authors do not have straightforward access to those who can assist with the mundane, but necessary, requirements for preparing and uploading their precious work for sale. 


While some authors have learned additional skills, or have time to learn, not all do.  The varied skill set required often overwhelms new authors, leading to shortcuts being taken. This is obvious in books which are uploaded without being properly edited, proof-read, formatted, reviewed or shared effectively via social media.  

Unfortunately, though independent publishing is a growing option for authors who cannot get a look-in at large publishing houses, the reputation of independent authors is damaged by uploads of improperly prepared books.  Uploading too soon, or with too little preparation, can lead to an author losing money or giving up on their dreams of writing.  Additionally, badly prepared books lead to readers and writers claiming that independently published work is not worth the money spent, is mistake-riddled, and generally gives self-published books a bad name. 

We aim to help change this perspective. 


We know authors spend months - even years - on perfecting the craft of writing. That alone is a long and arduous journey.

Many more, like us, have spent further time learning - after making simple mistakes costing us years of work and money - how to upload a professionally prepared book to Amazon. 


However, not all authors have the time, money, or energy, to add these additional skills to their resume, or to share their skills with others.  Learning these lessons can seem overwhelming to authors new to independent publishing, and many will give up before they even begin.  These authors need help, but good help can be hard to find.

Fear not.  We are here to help.

Independent author, Evie Asterwyn has spent over a decade writing, and learning how to prepare novel length books for self-publication.  She has spent a great deal of time working through technical issues, formatting errors, and upload delays in her own work in order to understand the processes of formatting a manuscript for upload.  Evie has learned the processes of writing, editing, marketing and using Social Media to further promote books to interested readers. She understands that not every author can, or is willing to, learn all the ins-and-outs of these areas of self-publishing. But she is willing to use her own expertise to help new authors get a foot in the door with these daunting lessons, and to help authors provide a polished book to their readers.

Creative writer, and voracious reader, Kat Raka has studied English Literature at New Zealand's Massey University.  She loves to read all types of fiction work, and is willing to help authors with editing, proof-reading, and beta-reading their work. She can creatively assess and provide honest feedback on whether a book is ready to go through the publishing path, and help authors reach their goal of a published work.

Kat and Evie will also provide honest reviews on books by independent authors, as they understand these reviews help writers sell their work, and attract new readers.

Evie and Kat are both keen to use their skills to help new authors reach a standard of preparation which readers expect from traditionally published authors. Their editing, creative, and feedback experience will help you craft a book that readers will love to read. Their technical and formatting skills will help you upload a book that readers will be happy to pay for. 

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