MY LIFETIME WISH was to be extraordinary. But extraordinary lives come at a price.

       Sometimes unusual things happen to ordinary people. Things that change their destiny, and their view of life. This story focuses on a girl whose fate changes. Just as a mirror shatters on impact, the magic of a hidden world and what could transpire if she believes in it, lay scattered before her with rainbow reflections.

       As time passes, shadowy crevices appear, but because they're so distant she believes she is untouchable. Then evil threatens her; an evil worse than she's ever known. She wants her happy existence to return, only to discover the mirror is irreparable. The cracks will show, no matter how strong the glue, or how carefully she puts it together. Tiny shards vanish, and many pieces won't fit into place.

       While on her journey she discovers destiny results from choices, and she can choose her own fate. She learns her tale is just beginning; it opens her eyes to the brilliant page awaiting her. She comes to understand that the best choice is embracing her extraordinary existence.

       I never imagined this girl was me.

       My name is Cassandra Stone. I was an ordinary—and boring—person during my life. I'd been through many hard times; suffering from intense bullying during middle school, Dad dying when I was twelve, and Mom's depression from his death threatening to steal her from me. But these trials strengthened my will, and I wished to give something better to our world.  My harsh history made me reserved yet determined. Still, I preferred a calm and uncomplicated world around me.

       So, I applied myself and developed into a star pupil while attending high school. I discovered wonderful new friends. Mom found a great career and her grief abated, offering us a chance to grow closer.

       But to call me extraordinary? No, that was the stuff of storybooks. I loved imagining myself as the book's hero whenever I read novels. But nothing interesting happened in reality.

       Until the mirror shattered, I never imagined how extraordinary I could be.




© 2018 - Evie Asterwyn

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