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The Services we offer to help your novel shine!

The most common complaint we see from independent authors is the struggle with the technical aspects of preparing a book for self-publishing. Unlike large publishing houses, independent authors do not have straightforward access to those who can assist with the mundane, but necessary, requirements for preparing and uploading their precious work for sale. 


In our experience, the absolute basics any work needs are as follows:


Developmental - assessment and feedback on story structure, themes, story completeness, character arcs and world building.

Line - assessment and feedback on word choice, sentence format, repetitive and redundant wording, pacing, transitions, correct use of grammar, tense, point-of-view, and dialogue.

Copy - proof-reading, punctuation, spelling and correct use of capitalization, continuity, fact checking and legal/copyright violation checks.

Honest feedback on both editing needs, and story development, to help authors improve their craft and amend their work.


Advanced readers who can provide feedback on the story, and things they notice about the work, whether good or bad, before the author submits the work for sale. Beta-reading may also include some basic copy-editing, and some beta readers may be willing to also review your work.


Turning your manuscript into PDF for print, including stylistic options for a beautifully printed book.

Turning your manuscript into .mobi, .epub, and .pdf  and other file types for the various e-readers/tablets/computers out there.

All while maintaining the look and design of your work, and ensuring nothing gets "lost" on screen

Cover Art

Appropriate cover art is essential to show the reader what genre your book belongs to, what the story is about, and what to expect from the story. Unfortunately readers DO judge books by their covers, so getting this right is a big help for making sales.


The breakdown of your book into a couple of paragraphs to tell readers what the book is about in an effective, catchy way. Believe it or not, this is one of the hardest things to get right, but get it right and you'll get readers.

Uploading to various book sites.

These often include:  Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Apple iStore to name a few.  

Author Amazon Pages - for the various Amazon stores set in countries worldwide (especially important to get right for writers and readers based in Australia and New Zealand, as will not ship to these countries directly.  We are aware of this issue and will help Authors provide their books through for print books).

Author website and Social Media Platforms

Author social media platforms - these can include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest.

These are a great place to connect with readers, fellow writers, fans and friends. Social media is amazing for promoting your work, advising of giveaways and special deals, and notifying your fans of upcoming releases. A definite marketing must-have!

An author website is another must-have in today's online networking system. A place to display your work, a little about yourself, and links to the sites where your books are available to buy. 


Advertising is often expensive for new authors, and can have costly outcomes if not used correctly.  Understanding where to advertise, how to word your ad copy, what keywords will help you reach ideal readers, and using free advertising options/giveaways/collaborations to reach new readers are all key to helping your advertising dollars go further.


We can provide help with many of these behind-the-scenes areas.

The ones we are not able to help with, we can recommend people who can. 


During her journey, Evie has made contact with many in various fields of the Self-Publishing and Art industry.  She has taken courses to help her gain new skills in these areas.  While she is still on a learning journey (aren't we all?), she understands that to meet the high expectations of readers, it helps to have the skills of those who may be more advanced in certain areas. 

And for those authors who are willing to put in the work to learn for themselves, and take full control of their self-publishing journey, Evie is able to recommend some courses, artists, editors and readers who may be able to assist and teach you the in-depth skills to continue your publishing.

We are happy to help.

Kat and Evie look forward to hearing from you. We are willing to discuss your needs, assess your work, and provide help with polishing your work. We will soon be offering package deals to include multiple aspects of the work we can do.  Some work is charged on a per-word basis, while others will have a flat fee attached.  We will provide you with a no-obligations quote once we understand the needs of your work, and hope that we can work together to help you get your books ready to sell.


Your precious writing deserves a chance to shine!